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Access to Work

Access to WorkAccess to work is a government initiative that helps you and your employer overcome the difficulties that your health or disability (including dyslexia and RSI) affects you in your workplace.

It gives your employer advice and support with extra costs that are needed
to help you in your role.

You can applying for Access to Work funding if you are:

arrowhead in a paid job
arrowhead unemployed and about to start a job
arrowhead unemployed and about to start a Work Trial
arrowhead self-employed

and your disability or health condition stops you from being able to do
parts of your job.

100% funding is available for those who are:

arrowhead unemployed and starting a new job
arrowhead self-employed
arrowhead working for an employer and have been in the job for less than six weeks
arrowhead working for "employers with 1 to 9 employees". (Sliding scale of funding
for larger employers.)

Access to Work pays a proportion of the costs of support if all of the
following apply to you:

arrowhead you're working for an employer
arrowhead you've been in the job for six weeks or more
arrowhead you need special equipment

The precise level of cost sharing is determined as follows:

arrowhead employers with 1 to 9 employees will not be expected to share costs
arrowhead employers with 10 to 49 employees will pay the first £300 and 20 per cent
of costs up to £10,000
arrowhead employers with 50 to 249 employees will pay the first £500 and 20 per
cent of costs up to £10,000
arrowhead large employers with 250 or more employees will pay the first £1,000 and
20 per cent of costs up to £10,000

Access to Work will review your circumstances and the support you're receiving between 1 and 3 years.

For more information about Access to Work and how to arrange your assessment, contact us on 01353 662307


Using the wrong training provider can result in a loss of your valuable time and money. When it comes to your Access to Work software training, don't settle for second best.

We strongly recommend that you talk to your trainer beforehand and ask about their experience and qualifications.

Things to check are:

arrowhead Overall experience of the trainer that you will receive on the day
arrowhead The software certifications of the person who will be training you.

Check they are:
Dragon Certified
TextHelp Read & Write Certified
Mind-mapping qualified

If you have Dyslexia check that your trainer has a Dyslexia teaching qualification.

You can choose any provider
for your training

You do not need to use the companies who have been recommended on your Access to Work report.

You can choose your own software and training provider.

Most Importantly...


NCMA logo See this Star Letter about Access to Work that was published in the Who Minds? Magazine.

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