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What is Dragon Anywhere?


Dragon Anywhere lets you dictate and edit documents by voice on your iOS or Android mobile device quickly and accurately so you can stay productive anywhere. You can use all the same customized words and auto-text commands you use with your desktop version of Dragon by simply linking your desktop version of Dragon to your Dragon Anywhere account .


Dragon Anywhere


Dragon Anywhere features

With Dragon Anywhere, you can:

  • Create a document with the built-in text editor, using Dragon's dictation commands to format and revise as you go.
  • Revise a document stored on your device or import one from a Cloud account. Use the same commands you use in Dragon to move around your document and make changes.
  • Upload Dragon Anywhere files from your device to a Cloud account, then download them to your computer.
  • Add new words to your Dragon Anywhere Vocabulary and train them on your mobile device. You can also import words into Dragon Anywhere that you have exported from your desktop version of Dragon and saved in a Cloud account.
  • Add new auto-text commands in Dragon Anywhere. You can also import auto-text commands into Dragon Anywhere that you have exported from your desktop version of Dragon and saved in a Cloud account.
  • Ask "What Can I Say" to see a list of commands you can use in Dragon Anywhere. Just like the desktop version of Dragon, asking "What Can I Say" brings up a list of commands that are valid for the specific screen or task you are working on.

Dragon Anywhere System Requirements

iOS 8.1+ (iPad 3+, iPhone 5+ or iPad mini1+) or Android 4.4+ phones and tablets

Active Wi-Fi or 3G connection


Dragon Medical Information Sheet Download the Dragon Anywhere Information Sheet >>

Video IconWatch a brief demonstration of Dragon Anywhere>>


Please note that Dragon Anywhere is due to be released in the Autumn.

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