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Choosing the Correct Ergonomic Mouse

At E-voice we understand that everyone is different and selecting the correct mouse for you is vital if want to help you relieve or prevent the symptoms of RSI.

That's why we offer an extensive range of ergonomic mice and trackballs.

Please call 01353 662307 if you would like some advice in choosing the right mouse for you.

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Cirque's Easy Cat touchpad

Cirque Smart TrackPad

Cirque's Easy Cat touchpad makes it easier than ever to control your computer. Simply glide your finger over Easy Cat's smooth surface to point, then tap on the pad or press on the buttons to click.



Kensington Optical Expert

Kensington Tracker Ball

The Kensington Optical Expert is a solid four button trackball that is ideal for those want a heavy smooth running ball that enables precision cursor movement. A light touch on the large trackball is all that is needed to move around the screen.



Kensington Orbit Elite Trackball

Stylish symmetric trackball, easy for finger tip control. The stylish shape of the Kensington Orbit Elite is designed to assist the natural easy movement of the hand, wrist and fingers. The symmetric design is ideal for left or right handed users.


Evoluent 4

This mouse has been ergonomically designed to ensure a healthier and safer way of working. The mouse has been sculpted with easy to reach buttons that won't cause finger contortions. The thumb rest has been reshaped for this new mouse to provide extra comfort over the earlier version.



AirObic Mouse


This mouse supports the hand and wrist, minimising pressure on the muscles and tendons. Available in left and right-handed versions, the design is ideal for anyone experiencing Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI).



RollerMouse Pro2

Rollor Mouse

This highly ergonomic mouse has been developed to prevent RSI. It's state-of-the-art design utilizes the latest ergonomic science, presenting a symmetrical design that allows the use of both hands evenly.

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