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Star Letter About Access to Work
in Who Minds Magazine

Lynsey, Childminder

"Dear Who Minds

Who MInds CoverMy name is Lynsey. I'm a childminder in the Swaffham area. I was diagnosed with dyslexia when I was 15. School was a huge struggle for me. After leaving school I struggled with all of the jobs that I have done. I've been a childminder now for seven years which I enjoy very much. I have however relied heavily on my daughter to help me out with completing written work, for example contracts, EYFS and letters to parents.

A couple of months ago my daughter told me she was thinking of moving out. I was pleased that she was going to go off to live her life, but at the same time I panicked because I didn't know how I was going to cope with all the written work without her. I have never really used a computer before, so I decided to go onto the Internet to see if help was available.

I came across an organisation called Access to Work who could fund specialised software and training that would help me with my literacy. I rang them and they told me that they would send an assessor out to see me. About a week later that assessor came out to visit me at home. He showed me some software called Dragon NaturallySpeaking which would let me talk to my laptop and transcribe my words to text. He also demonstrated Text Help Read and Write software that would support my reading and writing skills.

As I am self-employed the software and training would be fully funded and I wouldn't be asked to contribute towards the cost. Two weeks later a lovely lady called Julie Davenport from E-voice Speech Recognition Ltd came out to provide training on how to use Dragon.

I am now able to speak to my computer and the computer does all the typing for me. It's opened up a whole new world and it's so easy to use. I no longer have to rely on my daughter to help me with my written work. I am confident now in my ability to produce work that I would be happy to show to OFSTED.

I would just like to make people who have dyslexia or another disability (such as RSI, arthritis or other upper limb disability) aware that there is help available and my life is so much easier now I have this software.

Please don't be embarrassed to get in touch with Access to Work. They are all lovely people, who are very understanding and willing to help. I would also strongly recommend E-voice because their training was excellent!


To find out more about Access to Work call us on 01353 662307

Access to Work Funding


Funding for our training and products can be organised through the Access to Work scheme.

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To do this, the first step is to organise a Workplace Assessment. We can give you advice on this.

Call us on 01353 662307 and ask to speak to our Assistive Technology team.

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